24 Side Hustle Ideas for Making Money in Your Spare Time (2024)

Everyone could use a bit more money, right? Whether you’re saving for a big purchase, planning a special event, or chipping away at those persistent student loans, extra cash always comes in handy.

Your regular job covers the essentials, but there’s room for more. That’s where a side hustle from home steps in. It’s a chance to earn more and enjoy the freedom of working on your terms.

Below, we’ve combined a list of 24 best side hustles that you can pursue to make extra money. Whether you’re looking to make passive income or build an emergency fund, there’s a side hustle idea to fit every goal and lifestyle.

24 side hustle ideas to pursue in 2024

1. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a simple way to sell products online. You partner with a third party who makes and ships the products for you. Your job is to create an online store, decide the prices, and advertise your business.

This business is low risk because you only pay for products when customers buy them, giving you a good chance to make mone,y as long as you don’t spend too much on marketing. You can even sell on big sites like Amazon and eBay to get more customers. 

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Getting started tip: Using Shopify makes it easy to start a dropshipping business. You won’t have to worry about keeping stock, packing, or shipping stuff. Your supplier sends the orders straight to shoppers, letting you focus on picking products, promoting your store, and taking care of your customers.

2. Become a wholesaler

Launching a wholesale business can be a great side hustle that fits into your schedule. This involves buying products in bulk at a lower cost and selling them for a profit. The key is finding a balance that works with your routine.

For instance, you can set aside specific times for different tasks. Use evenings or weekends for researching products and making purchases. Then, dedicate a couple of hours each week for packing and shipping orders to your customers.

Starting small and scaling up as you find your rhythm is the way to go. With some initial investment and good planning, running a wholesale business can become a profitable venture that aligns perfectly with your own schedule.

3. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be a rewarding side hustle. With more than 2.5 billion users watching a billion hours of videos daily, the potential audience is massive. However, building a big enough audience to earn significant money from YouTube takes time.

Focus on creating content your audience loves. As your follower count increases, think about earning through paid subscriptions, selling your own merch online, or partnering with brands for paid sponsorships.

4. Work as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing, where you promote a brand’s product and earn commission on sales, definitely offers benefits as a side hustle. However, with Google increasingly sending searchers straight to ecommerce sites, standing out requires creativity.

To be successful as an affiliate, think outside the box with your content. Instead of the usual pros and cons, why not tell a story? Share personal experiences or customer stories that relate to the products. How about interactive content like quizzes or polls that recommend products based on answers? Or, get visual with infographics that highlight unique product features or comparisons in an easy-to-digest format. 

You could even host live Q&A sessions on social media, discussing products and offering exclusive affiliate link discounts. These fresh approaches can make your content stand out and keep your audience engaged.

5. Open a print-on-demand business

If you love creating custom graphics and artwork, starting a print-on-demand (POD) business could be a perfect side hustle. With POD, you can put your designs on t-shirts, bags, phone cases, and mugs. The best part? You sell these under your own brand. 

This business model works similarly to dropshipping. You design the products, add them to your store, and handle promotions. The POD company, meanwhile, takes care of printing and shipping to customers. 

Getting started tip: Sell high-value items like quality custom tees. People often pay more for good quality shirts with great designs. Figure out what your audience loves. Then create designs that tap into those trends

6. Start blogging

Blogging lets you build a brand around things you love, like yoga, business, or cars. You’ll reach people who enjoy the same things. And you can make money online through affiliate links or by promoting your own merch in your posts.

Don’t expect to earn right away, though. Many bloggers only start making good money after a few years. It’s all about sticking with it.

Begin by creating an account on Substack and publishing some thought-provoking content. As people start engaging with your posts, you’ll get the opportunity to earn via recurring subscriptions.

7. Sell information products

Information products are digital goods that provide knowledge or expertise on a specific subject. They come in various forms like ebooks, online courses, webinars, and instructional guides. Got a topic you know inside out? Or spotted a gap in information on a popular subject? Create content around these areas. You can write and publish books on Amazon or develop online courses to sell.

The potential earnings from selling information products can vary. It depends on factors like your chosen niche and how effectively you market your products. However, it’s possible to earn a few thousand dollars each month. The key to success is creating a variety of content—think ebooks, courses, and more—that continues to generate income over time.

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8. Take up freelance gigs

Does your 9-to-5 job pay fluctuate? If you don’t have a predictable income, you might choose to take up freelance gigs. With this side hustle, you could make anywhere from $50 to $2,000 a month depending on your skills and the platform you use. For example, if you’re looking to hit, say an extra $1,000 a month, freelance writing is a side hustle that can allow you to reach your second income goal.

9. Become a virtual assistant 

Businesses need help, and you can provide it as a virtual assistant. This role involves tasks like administration, social media marketing, bookkeeping, and more. With a growing number of companies seeking remote support, virtual assistants are in high demand.

Getting started tip: You can find initial opportunities on platforms like Upwork. However, becoming an independent contractor may increase your earning potential. To expand your reach, consider joining Facebook groups aimed at businesses or online retailers and promote your services there.

10. Provide digital marketing services 

Do you have skills in digital marketing? There’s a huge demand for freelancers who can create content, manage social media, or optimize websites for online businesses. Start by advertising your services on gig or freelance websites. Set up a simple website showcasing your best work. This will help you attract more clients from different industries. 

You can also earn money by packaging your knowledge into an online course. Share what you know about digital marketing with people eager to learn. This is a great way to reach a wider audience and establish yourself as an expert in the field.

11. Get a part-time job

If you’d rather trade time for money, you might choose to get a part-time job. Side job ideas to make money include dog walker, babysitter, restaurant server, receptionist, administrative assistant, or barista. You can also find part-time jobs online within your industry. Maybe you’re a full-time marketer who takes on a part-time social media gig. The only downside to a part-time job is that you need to invest your time for money.

Getting started tip: You can browse job sites to find side jobs you can do on evenings and weekends. Remember: After you work a full day, you’ll likely feel tired and exhausted, so pick a part-time job with a flexible schedule.

12. Deliver groceries and food products

Love driving but not thrilled about having passengers? Why not steer into the lane of food and grocery delivery? You could be the bridge between bustling supermarkets and cozy home kitchens. With apps like Instacart or Spark Driver (Walmart’s delivery service), you can choose your hours and enjoy the satisfaction of delivering daily essentials.

Besides groceries, you can deliver food to make extra money on the side. This side hustle has really taken off in the past few years and offers a similar flexible work structure. To get started, you can sign up on apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, SkipTheDishes (for Canada), Menulog (for Australia and New Zealand), and Zomato (for India).

13. Rent out a spare room or your home

If you have a spare room or aren’t using your home for a while, consider renting it out. It’s a great way to make some extra income without much extra work. Platforms like Airbnb are popular for this, but you can also list your space on Agoda, Vrbo, or Plum Guide (for the UK). 

Getting started tip: To boost your side hustle income, consider selling products to your guests. With Shopify Collabs, you can find brands that will pay you a commission for promoting their items. Placing QR codes in the room can make purchasing these products convenient for guests

14. Turn your photos into profit

If you’re into photography, why not make it a business? Snap some pictures and sell them to places like Shutterstock and Burst. These sites are always looking for new photos for their websites and ad campaigns. Since websites need to keep their look fresh, they’re constantly in need of new images.

You can also get creative with your photos. Turn them into prints, or slap them onto mugs and sweatshirts. People love having cool art around, whether it’s to hang up or wear. And nowadays, it’s not hard or expensive to get your photos printed in good quality. If you’ve got a great shot, someone will probably want to buy it.

Think about doing photography gigs too. You could shoot weddings, which could even turn into a full-time thing. There are also concerts, graduations, and family photo sessions. There’s always someone who needs a photographer for something special.

15. Resell used or vintage items

Another way to earn extra income is by selling your used or vintage items. Start by getting rid of things you no longer use. List them on Facebook Marketplace or local buy and sell groups. This can turn your unwanted items into some quick cash. 

Love hunting for unique finds? Try visiting thrift stores and picking up vintage goods to resell. This side hustle suits anyone with an eye for fashion or décor. You get to discover and give new life to old treasures, all while earning money from your savvy picks.

16. Become a home workspace consultant

With more people working from home, there’s a need for functional and comfortable home workspaces. Start a side hustle as a home workspace consultant. You can advise clients on setting up their home offices, optimizing space, choosing ergonomic furniture, and even suggesting productivity tools.

This role combines interior design with practical workspace planning, perfect for those with an eye for design and a knack for organization. It’s a timely service that can really make a difference in someone’s daily work life.

17. Test websites and apps

If a website has problems or an app isn’t working right, it’s bad for business. That’s where testers come in. They check all the links and buttons to make sure everything’s working before it launches. And guess what? Companies pay them really well for their service.

There are sites like Userlytics, UserTesting, and Enroll that hook you up with website and app testing jobs. Some of these gigs can pay up to $100 for just an hour of testing. So, there’s real money in making sure things run smoothly.

18. Launch a skincare line

Sure, launching a skincare line might seem like more of a full-fledged business than a side hustle. But with the dropshipping model, it’s actually quite manageable. This approach lets you pick and sell skin care products without needing to handle inventory or shipping. Your main job? Connect with your audience and find products that they’ll love.

If you’re into the creative side, take it a step further by developing your own skin care line. This could mean creating unique blends or designing eye-catching packaging. You can start small, testing your ideas, and as you gain confidence and a following, scale your online business.

19. Offer car washing and detailing services

Many people find washing their own cars a chore. You can step in and offer a convenient solution with a car washing and detailing service. Start with basic supplies like sponges, soaps, and waxes. This low-cost setup allows you to begin without significant financial investment.

To attract clients, think local and personal. You can post flyers at community centers or local stores, and even create social media posts for neighborhood groups. This grassroots approach helps you connect directly with potential customers in your area.

20. Become a virtual study buddy

This side hustle involves addressing students’ study-related challenges. You’ll help them maintain a structured study routine by setting up schedules and sharing effective study techniques. During stressful exam periods, you’ll provide the support and encouragement they need to stay on track.

Additionally, you can offer tutoring in subjects where you have expertise. This enables you to assist students in understanding complex subjects and achieving academic success.

21. Create and sell time capsules

Another cool side hustle idea is to create and sell time capsules. Chat with folks to pick out things that are special to them—photos, notes, maybe a favorite toy. Then, you put it all in a time capsule for them to open later on. It’s a creative way to help people keep their best memories safe.

This gig mixes a bit of crafting with helping people hang onto their stories. It feels pretty great, too. You’re the one who helps lock away these memories, and just think of the smiles when they open them up years from now.

If you have a talent for creating captivating content, think about launching a side hustle as a social media influencer. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are perfect for displaying your unique skills and passions. Engage with your audience and grow a dedicated following. Then, you can start earning from your online presence.

Getting started tip: Use Shopify Collabs to connect with brands that align with your style. This tool simplifies finding companies willing to pay influencers for promotions. It’s ideal for building affiliate relationships, managing your sales, and keeping track of everything in one place.

shopify collabs

23. Offer dog walking and pet sitting services

Nowadays, people consider their pets as part of the family, and there’s a growing demand for trustworthy individuals to care for their furry companions. You can tap into this trend by becoming a dog walker or pet sitter. In the past, finding clients was the hardest part of starting in this field, but with the help of apps like PetSitter.com, Rover, and Wag!, it’s easier than ever to connect with pet owners in need of your services.

24. Take part in paid online surveys

If you’re looking for convenient side hustle ideas to make money, consider participating in a paid online survey. There are numerous marketer researchers and companies that want to know how consumers feel about their products and brand. You can visit websites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks to find surveys that pay participants.

How to start a side hustle

1. Make a list of your interests

You need to love what you’re doing as a side hustle for it to be successful. This job will be done on your own time and outside office hours, if you have a day job, so it will take a lot of energy and motivation to make it stick. Only something you’re passionate about will drive you this much. Brainstorm side hustle ideas around your interests and skills to discover the best ventures to start or see if you can turn a hobby into a business.

2. Learn how much it will cost

Side hustles shouldn’t cost too much money, but they may require some investment upfront for things like hosting, branding, and tools. You may decide that you want to do social media marketing to get your first sale. Whatever your growth and expansion plan is for your side hustle, you need to be aware of your spend before it happens. Plan your budget accordingly, and measure your success to know whether you should continue.

3. Make sure there are no conflicts of interest

If you have a day job or have connections that could lead to a conflict of interest with your side hustle, then it is not a good idea to continue with it. Sometimes, the best advice is to try something else or to shelf your idea for another time so that you don’t end up doing something you regret. Starting a side hustle with a conflict of interest could lead to costly lessons learned.

4. Schedule time for your side hustle

A side hustle takes time out of your schedule daily, so ensure everything is going right. It is not possible to set up your website, schedule your content, and forget about everything until next month. Set aside regular time in your calendar for your side hustle, and outline actionable goals for this time to ensure what you are doing is valuable. If you have a day job, aim to give three to four evenings a week and perhaps some hours on the weekend to your side hustle, depending on what it is.

5. Don’t forget about your day job

If you are setting up a side hustle while also having a day job, remember to put 100% of your energy into your day job when you are there. A side hustle will give you some money, but you rely on a check from your day job that you need to pay the bills. Don’t try to juggle your day job and side hustle within your 9-to-5 hours, as this is a recipe for disaster.

What side hustle can I start with little money?

Dropshipping, becoming a freelancer, affiliate marketing, selling photography, and print-on-demand are all side hustles you can start with little money.


Your side hustle can help you make money online and earn some extra cash each month. But it can also help you develop new skills, build your personal brand or portfolio, and achieve more freedom. So, have fun with it!

Take a risk by starting a business or pursuing a new hobby you’ve always been curious about. A side hustle is your best opportunity to live life on your own terms. And with some more money in your pocket, there’s nothing stopping you from making your dreams come true.

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