A Successful Podcast Launch in Six Months with the All-Acess Pass

What is the meaning of life and the world around us?

This question could stop some in their tracks, fostering feelings of uncertainty or fear. However, for Amanda Parker, it serves as a spark, inspiring her to dive deeper and assist others in discovering the magic within themselves.

As the founder of AmandaParker.co and The Courage Factory, Amanda Parker channels her expertise into empowering leaders and entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of modern business using the wisdom of ancient practices.

With over 15 years of diverse professional experience, Amanda has honed a skillset that allows her to guide visionaries and rule-breakers worldwide.

In February 2023, Amanda had a vision for a podcast but was unsure how to bring it to life. Taking a decisive step, she joined SPI’s All-Access Pass — an educational community tailored for entrepreneurs seeking connection, learning, and growth.

Here, she not only found the answers she needed but also gained invaluable insights and support, marking a turning point in her entrepreneurial journey.

From Vision to Reality

Amanda’s dedication to personal development takes center stage on her podcast, Don’t Step on the Bluebells, where healing and growth are the core narratives. 

Back when Amanda’s podcast was just an idea, she recalls the challenges she faced:

“I knew I could make an impact in helping people, but I felt overwhelmed by how much I didn’t know — namely, where to begin to create, publish, and publicize a podcast.” 

Unsure of how to proceed, Amanda sought advice from a friend who recommended Pat Flynn’s Power-Up Podcasting® course. Rather than opting for the standalone course, she chose to sign up for the All-Access Pass, emphasizing that she “saw more value in having access to a community” along with the complete library of courses. 

Describing the decision-making process as a “no-brainer” due to the right price and undeniable value, she confidently moved forward.

Amanda’s next step was taking the Power-Up Podcasting course, designed for those in the early stages of creating a podcast. Seeking a successful launch, she diligently progressed through the content, allowing her ideas to grow with each module.

“I went from a good idea to a clear and actionable plan I could work my way through, one step at a time,” she says.

Amanda successfully launched Don’t Step on the Bluebells in August 2023, just six months after joining the All-Access Pass. The podcast now averages 100 downloads per episode, totaling over 900 downloads, with listeners tuning in from 34 different countries.

While initially drawn to the All-Access Pass for the Power-Up Podcasting course, Amanda emphasizes that the “backbone of support from SPI” gave her the confidence and courage to bring her vision to life. This support has not only positively impacted her brand but has also influenced her overall mindset.

“I had the confidence to launch and publicize my podcast, to make bold requests of high-level guests, and to steer my brand towards more unconventional practices,” Amanda says. “I knew that I had answers to my questions when I needed them and felt grateful for the continuous support from SPI.”

Amanda’s experience with the All-Access Pass has empowered her to redefine her professional identity, shifting her focus from corporate leadership to prioritizing the growth of her coaching practice and podcast. 

Reflecting on this transition, she expresses: “I have created my own stage to share wisdom and insight on personal transformation and healing — and am starting to become known for that field of work.”

The Road Ahead: Podcast and Community Vision

Looking ahead, Amanda is focused on the ongoing development of her podcast, aiming to attract a broader audience with a shared interest in personal growth and healing.

Amanda is currently participating in SPI’s Amp’d Up Podcasting Course Accelerator, designed for members who have successfully published their podcasts and are seeking exponential audience growth and monetization. The accelerator format allows Amanda to progress through the course alongside a cohort, with added support and accountability from the community and Team SPI.

Amanda’s ultimate goal is to create a physical space that unites healers and seekers, fostering a community dedicated to profound and positive change. Meanwhile, she remains committed to growing her impact as a transformational catalyst for individuals and groups.

A Note to Fellow Entrepreneurs

To entrepreneurs considering joining SPI’s communities, Amanda offers a resounding recommendation: 

“Don’t hesitate to sign up — it’s worth every penny! You get invaluable courses and support on your journey to grow your business and expertise — and you can rest assured you will be perceived as a professional in your craft.”

Amanda’s success story with the All-Access Pass exemplifies the power of strategic learning, community support, and the confidence to pursue unconventional paths. 

Endless possibilities unfold when passion meets the right resources.

Lightning Round

Biggest takeaway or aha moment from the All-Access Pass

I love watching how Pat runs his business and the value he delivers. He is inspiring and has no B.S. — just practical, relatable, realistic advice and support to build out your vision. I am grateful that I had the backbone of support from SPI to launch this endeavor with confidence (and courage!)

Favorite course in the All-Access Pass

Power-Up Podcasting®.

Unexpected benefit of the All-Access Pass

I hadn’t realized there was an active community when I signed up — I was primarily interested in the course. I am pleased to see how the offering is being built out to provide even more support.

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